Carpool Overview

The promotion of safety and the avoidance of accidents are a joint home and school responsibility. Cars should never enter an area where barricades/cones are in place and should always follow the directions of school staff. The speed limit in the parking lot is 10 miles per hour at all times. Do not pass vehicles that are unloading or loading students under ANY circumstances. 

Morning Drop-Off Procedures

Grades Pre-K to 8

Students must stay in their vehicles until 7:30am, and until adult supervision is in place.  Students will be directed to enter the building.  School begins at 7:55am. Any car arriving after 7:55am when drop off closes must park and enter the building to sign in your student(s).

For safety reasons, students must exit vehicles on the passenger side, and onto the sidewalk area. Students are not permitted to exit their vehicle anywhere other than onto the sidewalk. If a vehicle has a child safety lock, parents must make a sign for child locks and display it in the passenger window if they require help with their doors. Drivers should remain in their vehicles. Patrols and/or staff on duty are available to students requiring assistance. Students should be prepared to disembark (i.e., coat on, packed backpack etc.) before entering the carpool line.

​​​​Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures​​

Grades Pre-K to 8

Parents are asked not to arrive for carpool earlier than 2:45 p.m. Entrance into the parking lot pickup area cannot begin until all PE classes are completed for the day.

The St. Veronica School Bus will be dismissed first, from the front of the school.
Cars will be lined up in the order that they enter the parking lot. First in, first out.
You will be directed to the row in which you are to park by our staff members. Please closely follow the direction of faculty as cars will now form lines, one at a time, until the parking lot is full.
Once all cars are parked, parents are asked to exit their vehicles and meet their students by the main school entrance. Students will be dismissed directly to the parking lot.
All Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade parents/guardians/persons authorized to pick up the students, must meet their students at the designated gathering place by the main school entrance.
Pre-KA, KA and 1A will be waiting by the flagpole to the left of the main entrance, while Pre-KB, KB, and 1B will be gathered to the right of the main school entrance. Signage will be prominently placed to assist you in locating your students.
​Once you have met your student(s), please proceed immediately to your car, and load up as quickly as possible so that we can begin releasing cars. When all cars are safely loaded, we will release them, lane by lane, until all cars have exited our lot.
Please note that if you arrive after our dismissal doors open at 3:10pm, you will be asked to wait until the first wave of cars depart the parking lot and we will repeat the process with those cars that arrived after 3:10pm. Please note that all students remaining after first wave will be taken back into the lobby and held there while all cars are in motion.​

Change In Transportation​

When a student’s normal mode of transportation is changed, parents must send a note to the office stating the change in plans. If there is a change due to an emergency, please call the office as soon as possible to ensure that your child receives notice before dismissal. The school office must have a carpool form on file for families that participate in carpool arrangement with other families.​

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation regarding these important safety procedures.​