40 Hours Devotion Begins Sunday, July 10th at 8:30 pm

June 28, 2022 1:00 pm

As part of the preparation for the diocese’s Golden Jubilee in 2024, parishes throughout the region are holding the Forty Hours Devotion, a special exposition of the Blessed Sacrament over a period of three days for an approximate total of 40 hours.  The number 40 and period of three days is a remembrance of the 40 hours from Jesus’ burial until His resurrection.  St. Veronica’s 40 Hours Devotion will take place during the three days leading up to the celebration of our parish feast day on July 12th

Father Kleinmann will open the Devotion next Sunday, July 10th with Exposition at 8:30 pm followed by Solemn Vespers and reflection.  Adoration will continue for the next 40 hours, pausing only for regularly scheduled Masses.  We will have two additional Masses each evening at 7:30 pm.  A guest homilist will preach the Monday evening Mass.  Confessions will be available both Monday and Tuesday mornings beginning at 11:00 am.  We conclude the Devotion and celebrate our St. Veronica feast day Tuesday evening with a light reception in the parish hall.  Download the full schedule HERE.

Make sure Our Lord is never alone during these 40 Hours by committing to spend an hour with Him.  Click the orange button on the home page of this website to schedule a time.