Funeral Liturgy

​​​​Of necessity we must be sorrowful when those whom we love leave us in death. Although we know that they have not left us behind forever but only gone ahead of us, still when death seizes our loved ones, our loving hearts are saddened by death itself. Thus the apostle Paul does not tell us not to grieve but: “Not to grieve like those who are without hope.”​

​Let us grieve, therefore, over the necessity of losing our loved ones in death but with the hope of being reunited with them. If we are afflicted, we still find consolation. Our weakness weighs us down but faith bears us up. We sorrow over the human condition but find our healing in the divine promise.   Saint Augustine of Hippo – Sermon 172,1

We, the parish family of St. Veronica Catholic Church, extend to your family our prayerful sympathy in this time of loss and grief. Our parish is honored to have the privilege of celebrating for you the Mass of Christian Burial. Here, we try to incorporate traditional hymnody as well as some elements from the Gregorian Requiem Mass, employing words and melodies that have been used at the burial rites of Catholics for over a thousand years. It is our hope that you may find a source of comfort and consolation through this liturgical connection with the multitudes that have gone before us.  Please call the Parish Office at 703-773-2000 to begin arrangements for the funeral liturgy.

We invite you to choose the readings for the Liturgy of the Word, and we ask that you make your selection from the options below, which are approved for the Rites of Christian Burial.  We also ask you to consider the hymns and chants recommended by our Music Coordinator. Should you desire more options, an expanded list of hymns and solo music is also provided below. Secular music may not be used in any Catholic liturgy, and religious music not well-suited to the gravity and dignity of the Requiem Mass (e.g. Amazing Grace, On Eagle’s Wings, I Am the Bread of Life, Be Not Afraid, etc.) may be used during the graveside service or played as an instrumental prelude to the Mass. Our Music Coordinator​​ is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding music.

We welcome any member of your family or a friend who may wish to do the readings at Mass. Members of the family are also invited to bring up the gifts of bread and wine at the offertory of the Mass. We remind you that those serving in these roles must be practicing Catholics in good standing. Additionally, though a eulogy is not required, if you wish to have one it may be incorporated into either the wake service at the funeral home or the graveside service.

We thank you for the opportunity to assist you in this time of grief. May God grant you His peace!

​Guide for Funeral Liturgy–Readings and Music​​