Message from Fr. Kleinmann about Continuing Perpetual Adoration at St. Veronica

April 24, 2020 4:10 pm

“I want to express my gratitude to those who have been coming round the clock for Eucharistic Adoration.  This has been a great blessing.  We may have to suspend the weekend hours, however, which we added after it was announced that there would be no public Masses.  Interest was high before Easter Sunday but seems to have waned since.  We have multiple hours with no adorers.  If you want this to continue, please consider signing up for hours.  At a time when you are deprived of attending Mass and receiving Holy Communion, this provides an opportunity to be closer to Our Lord than even watching Mass online.   ~ In Christ, Fr. Kleinmann

Help make sure that we have at least one committed adorer every hour to be with Our Lord—go to Sign up Genius,, or simply click on the orange bar on the home page of our website, 

We ask that you help us adhere to the 10 person limit within the church and six foot distance.  Hand sanitizer is available in the south vestibule.  Be sure to sign in at the table near the confessionals.  Look for the free resource, “How to Make a Holy Hour.”  If you sign up for an hour between 9:00 pm and 8:00 am, contact 301-728-7855 for the security code.

Currently, many Catholics are denied the great gift of praying in His Presence.  This opportunity is for us a tremendous blessing!