40 Hours Devotion

June 25, 2024 4:57 pm

As part of the diocese’s Golden Jubilee, parishes throughout the region
are holding the Forty Hours Devotion, a special exposition of the
Blessed Sacrament over a period of three days for an approximate total
of 40 hours. The number 40 and period of three days is a remembrance
of the 40 hours from Jesus’ burial until His resurrection. St. Veronica’s
40 Hour Devotion will take place during the three days leading up to the
celebration of our parish feast day on July 12th.

Our 40 hour devotion will open with on Wednesday, July 10.
6:30 pm Confessions
7:30 pm Mass with a homily by Deacon Ochenkowski
Exposition will immediately follow the end of Mass

On Thursday, July, 11, we will have:
11:30 am Rosary
6:30 Confessions
7:30 Mass with Fr. Kleinmann

On Friday, July 12, we will have:
6:30 pm Vespers and Confessions
7:30 pm Mass with Fr. Moschetto
A reception will immediately follow Mass in the parish hall.
All are welcome to enjoy food and fellowship in celebration of St. Veronica’s feast day!